We’re simply a business who buys new or old cars for a great price! When selling a car yourself it’s not quite as simple as finding someone to buy it and then exchanging the keys for cash, but at Cash For Cars Glendale it really is that easy, we do all the ground work for you. You won’t need to worry about any fees or paperwork, we bring all the forms to you and we don’t charge for a thing. Even collecting the car is free; we tow junk cars as part of our service. We even come pick the vehicle up from your own home!

When buying cars we’re not judgmental about the cars brand or model, of course some cars are worth a little more than others but we still offer a great price for every vehicle we buy. If you sell your car through advertisements this isn’t the case. You will need to make the car stand out; add many photos, provide accurate details and deal with strange buyers. That’s why selling to us is the easy option, we don’t need any photos, just some basic details about the car and its condition. We can give you a quick quote over the phone in 10 minutes and then we collect the car… You just sign a few papers and take the cash in hand. There is nothing more we ask of you.

Our main aim is to offer a fast and straightforward sale but caring about our community also means caring about the local environment. Taking your vehicle to a local landfill can have huge consequences on the environment. As your car decomposes harmful chemicals are released into the local waterworks. That’s why we recycle and re-use every car we buy, so the local residents of Glendale can live in a toxic free community.

If you need money fast, to pay for bills, debts or other expenses, selling privately isn’t the best way to get rid of your vehicle. Selling a car without taking it to local landfills or dealerships can take weeks or even months. Not to mention local dealerships are known for hidden expenses and scams. So if you’re struggling to sell an unwanted vehicle or just need a quick sale without the advertisements and dodgy dealerships, call us today!