We pay top dollar for your junk vehicle. If you have an old, broken down vehicle on your driveway that’s never going to be used again, why not sell to us? For you it is just taking up needed space and rotting away but to us that metal can be recycled and reused for many things. We buy all kinds of vehicles from mighty trucks to mini cars of all ages. Finding time and money to fix the car is an effort that is just going to waste, if the car is old and unreliable you should get the most of it whilst you can and buy a new vehicle that can serve you better. So sell to us and earn some well needed dollars to your empty wallet.

Other dealerships and companies ask you to stick to strict rules but with us you’re under no pressure. We don’t ask for cars under a certain age or a definite condition, we’re able to recycle almost every car and it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever reject your vehicle. We deal with junk cars on a daily basis and we understand what can and can’t be re-used, if you’re struggling with defining the condition of the car, here are a few tips to help –

Cars identified as junk

  • Over 15 years of age
  • 150,000 on mileage
  • Been involved in an accident
  • Extreme damage to body or interior
  • Faulty or unreliable engine
  • Illegal to drive
  • Not worth repairs

If your car meets any of the criteria above then it will be towed and scrapped but you will still be paid a very good price. A scrap car’s value will be based on the size of the vehicle, as the worth is estimated by the weight of each material. Your scrap car will be collected and towed for free as part of our service. Once we take the car, as our company’s promise, it will not be crushed and sent to landfill. Each material will be recycled and the oil (if any left) will be filtered and re-used.

What about the insurance quote?
If your car has been involved in an accident your insurance company will offer you a low price, do not accept this. 9 times out of 10 we beat their offers, so give us a call before you make any rash decisions.