Why take time out of your busy schedule to sell your unwanted car? The traditional method can take so long and so much effort that eventually you just take an offer that you’re unhappy with. This isn’t right; our solution is to give every customer a fast sale and a cash price that you’ll be more than happy with. With our many years of experience, we have a huge understanding that our sellers’ time is valuable. We’ve dealt with many customers, in many different circumstances and every sale has been pleasant for both buyer and seller.

We assist all kinds of people every day from busy mothers to slacking students. Every person we sell to have different needs and we try to tend to each and every individual. Below is a list of those who benefit from our sales and why they benefit. –

Small businesses– Vehicles that come from small businesses are tainted with the view that they’re over used, this puts most buyers off. Of course this is an extreme problem, as services such as cab drivers need to sell their unreliable cars fast, so they can get back to work. This is why they sell to us, we’re happy to buy any car, no matter the miles or history. We can also pay cash for the car within 48 hours!

Parents– Parents rely on their cars for the daily routine, such as school runs and the grocery shop. It’s very unlikely they have the time to commit to selling a car. With our service all the paperwork is done for you and we collect straight from your home. This gives mothers the chance to get back on the road and back into a normal routine without the stresses of traditional selling.

Collectors- We buy collector’s cars fairly often. In this day and age no one is really interested in buying vintage or novelty vehicles, they just want to fit in and look cool. Luckily we don’t judge the vehicle on looks or trends. It’s also very likely that collector’s cars have been well looked after, this is even better for us and allows us to offer you a better price!

We sell too many people every day, so it’s hard to list them all but there is just a few examples. If you don’t fit into one of those categories but still want to sell us your car, we’d be happy to buy from you!